Irish Network Stevenage (INS)

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Care in the Community

Member Support Programme

‘We aim to support more older residents to live independently, by assisting to obtain available support. By working with various agencies, we can help our members complete forms, make appropriate referrals, provide support with hospital stays etc. and assist with discharge care packages. 

 We also have a fantastic befriending service run by our volunteers, who keep in contact with members by regularly checking in with them and keeping them updated with all that is going on with INS. We know that dealing with agencies can be overwhelming so we have volunteers that can help. 

 At INS, we have a duty of care to our members. Confidentiality is important to us, but we are mindful of our responsibility and will raise any concerns with the relevant authorities, to ensure our members are continually safeguarded. 

 If you feel you would benefit from support from our Volunteers or know someone who you think would enjoy a visit, please do contact us.’